Chanshal Camps

Camping at the Foothills of the Shiwaliks

Chanshal pass, which is at a height of about 12,303 feet above sea level, is located about 160 kms from Shimla and 124 kms from the industrial town of Rampur. The Valley sits on top of Chanshal peak which is the highest point of Shimla district. With a height of 3750 Mtrs, Chanshal Pass links (75Km) Rohru to Dodra Kwar. Chanshal Peak, which is the highest point of visit, is located at a distance of 50Kms from Rohru.


About 20 Kms before Chanshal Pass in the quaint village of Ladot, on the foot of the Himalayan Forests, Parasol’s campsite sits between apple orchard.


There are several ways to get to the Parasol Campsite at Chanshal.

  • By Car or Private Cab:This is the most common and easiest way to reach the campsite. From the industrial town of Rampur, the Campsite is about 124 Kms away. You can travel towards Rohru, and head to Chirgaon and follow the road to Larot Village.


Quick Tip! -  About 12 Kms towards Shimla from Rampur, roads will diverge at Badraash please take the road leading up instead of the highway.

  • Further enroute to Chanshal from Rohru, you will drive through Bhadraash view point, which offers a brilliant view of the Shimla Valley and Sungri Village which has a fort and a Government Rest House, should you need a pit stop.
  • From Sungri the roads diverge again, the left one leads to Narkanda, take the right one and the campsite is about 40 Kms from there.




Our Tents

Chanshal Camps

Luxury Swiss Tent


50 Ft²

Parasol Camps at Chanshal Camps offers double occupancy luxury tents with attached washroom.

No Smoking Private Bathroom FULL INFO