Baga Sarhan Camps

Approximately 45 Kms picturesque drive from Rampur, in Shimla district in Himachal Pradesh, will bring you to a beautiful little hamlet called Baga Sarahan. Baga Sarahan is surrounded with unconfined, draping meadows bordered with deep forests on one end while traditional Kathkuhni houses and apple orchards on the other.


On arrival at the campsite, you will be treated to a traditional Khata welcome. The Khata which is a ceremonial scarf in Buddhist culture symbolizes purity, compassion and goodwill.

Throughout the day while you enjoy the serene natural untouched beauty dusk sets in and you will be able to witness a dramatic starlit sky. You can enjoy a bonfire in the orchards, while sipping ginger chai or the local sweet wine as per your preference and have delicious, trademark garlic soup followed by a homely meal in the dining tent.

The mornings present tons of opportunities for rejuvenation, you can walk about the orchards, meadows and the wheat farms.

Places to visit:

Rishi Jalandi, who arose from water (Jal) in Mansarovar. Hence the name – Jal Andi, risen from water.

You can also visit a waterfall, which is a short hike away from the campsite and offers a divine view of the valley. You can spend half a day enjoying the sounds and sights and have a picnic lunch at the waterfall.

The adventurous folks also have an option to Trek to Bashleo Pass which is at a 6 Kms incline from close to the campsite. The walk is through the meadows, farms, a pine forest and it finally opens to flowing meadows at about 3277 meters above sea level. After a short nap in the flowing meadows, you can descend downwards for a relaxing evening at the campsite.

How to get there:

Sarahan is about 45 Kms from Rampur and can be accessed via Nirmand Road. One should head upwards (on the incline) to Nirmand and drive further through the village. The last stretch of about 12 kms is almost an off road and is through the villages of Buchher, Kot, among others.




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Baga Sarhan Camps

Luxury Tent at Baga Sarhan


20 Ft²

Parasol Camps at Baga Sarahan offers double occupancy luxury tents with attached washroom.

No Smoking Private Bathroom FULL INFO